Saturday, March 15, 2014

Butterflies all around

Another quick project I made up to have on display/sell at my recent market. I have a ridiculous amount of 12" paper (8 cropper hoppers full) and am determined to get through them eventually. I need to sit down and have a bit of a cull I think and donate them to a kindy or something. Just for the sake of more space so I can buy more ;) But anyway, I'm using an older Kaisercraft collection - Hummingbird for thise project.

It's just a basic butterfly shape about 1" thick. I painted the sides a teal colour and then decorated the front and back with paper. The back is a blue to match the paint. A nice quote on the front and a couple of popped up butterflies and it's complete.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Taylor's Butterfly Book Ends

I have yet another set of book ends to share with you today. I absolutely love making these for baby gifts and 1st birthdays etc. As you will work out from the date - these ones are a bit overdue! ;)

Miss Taylor is the daughter of my old boss Vanessa and she's my best customer when it comes to the custom gifts I make. So she just kept me so busy making things for other babies, I never had a chance to sit down and make Taylor's! Before my market, I borrowed Carter's bookends and matching frame (that it seems I never blogged about) from Vanessa's friend and when I picked them up from Vanessa, she made a comment about how if I'd make Taylor's I could've just borrowed them. Little did she know, I had Taylor's all ready to use as display at my market stall and I knew she would be coming by to visit. I sent her a photo of my market stall on the morning and asked if she could find her little surprise. She was so surprised! Hehe, I'm sneaky ;)

I absolutely love using the gorgeous pinks in the Tigerlilly collection and I think teaming it with the black and white gives it more of a classical look that I hope Taylor can grow with :)

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Easter Tags

Well it's time to start thinking about Easter! I made these little Easter tags for my recent market. They're just a single piece of card so you just write on the back and then pop it in the envelope. I had fun making these and realised I don't play with my embossing powders nearly enough. These were really quick and easy to do once I had a bit of a production line set up going.

I started by cutting out the backing cardstock and then picking my distress ink colours to match the cardstock - I just wanted a subtle stamped background. Then I just went along all the cardstock pieces with three different background stamps.

Then once they were dry, I used clear embossing ink to stamp each piece, and put embossing glitter over the pieces immediately. Once you've put the glitter on, you don't need to heat emboss them straight away so I waited until I'd done all the bunnies before I heat embossed them.

Then I just made the little banner strips to sit on top, adhered with foam tape and added a little rhinestone.

Done :)

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ahoy Mate!

Another set of bookends to share with you today - I am really loving making these. This was the first boat set I had done and was a bit more intricate than the butterflies and elephants I've made before. I have left this one relatively plain with no decorations because I had it for sale at my market. I have an interested buyer and when she decides, I will add a name, date of birth etc etc and some finishing touches to complete the project. 

I always set the shape a little off centre. It leaves more room at the "front" for the name and any decorative elements I might want to add.

I've got a bit of a dilemma with this set though because I almost prefer the orange side to the yellow side!!

But it doesn't really matter what I like. I'll leave it up to the buyer :)

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Christmas Decor

Today I've got some Christmas themed wall art that I made for a pre-Christmas market. I know we're a bit far from the silly season now but I've just been so swamped the last few months I haven't had a chance to share much of anything! Better late than never I suppose!!

These projects are all Kaisercraft beyond the page pieces and decorated with Kaisercraft Christmas collections.

That's it from me today - not much to say sorry! Been so busy this last week and have had night shifts to top it off :(

Monday, March 3, 2014

New Scrap Space

Hi everyone,

I've rejigged my room set up again :) Here's a snapshot of where I've been working since about May last year:

For a while now, I have been wanting a 8 cube expedit to lie horizontally so I can just the top as a surface for my printer and other machines. For some reason, I just didn't think it would fit next to the other one. With the news that IKEA is discontinuing the expedit range, I set to work with the measuring tape again, determined to make it work while I still could. Yes, they are replacing the range with a similar range (kallax), but I was just worried that it would be TOO different for my perfectionist alter ego and it would annoy me having them next to each other.

But anywho... here's what I've got now.

Aaah... lovely IKEA expedit goodness :) The original plan was to attach the desk to the 8 cube one, but turns out that doesn't work. It's designed to attach to the thin shelves, not the thick outer "wall". I am sure it could've worked if we wanted it to, but I decided this was fine too.

I won't run through too much but I will point out, I have finally found a way to label my fabric drona boxes without using anything pernament. I have used ID badges with the clip in the back, upside down. They're just clipped onto the handle part of the box. I still need to do a lot more labelling but I am getting there :)

I am waiting on my new cropper hoppers to fill the bottom three squares where my cardstock and 12" paper sits. Hopefully won't be too far away :) I am wanting to do something about my paper pads as well but just not sure what at the moment. The paper pads are too tall to sit them one on top of each other, so I have the two baskets behind one another at the moment but I don't particularly like that. I'll be scouring the storage shops for a long box that will hold the 6.5" width, and fill the length of the cube so I just have one container per cube. If anyone out there wants to share with me how they store their 6.5" paper pads, please let me know!

And then I've still got my clip it up and the 12" drawers - couldn't bear to part with them!

That's about it. I am planning on making some mini shelves for a couple of the cubes where things are stacked on top of each other. IE. The noe next to my paper pads, where I have two CTMH organisers full of PL cards. I'd like to be able to just pull out the bottom one without having to move the top one (especially because they are so heavy!).

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Market Day

Long time no talk! Sorry everyone for my absence over the last few months. I have noticed my page stats haven't dropped off too much so thanks to everyone who still stops by, hoping to see something. I plan to be a lot better this year with posting regularly and adding cards for sale to my Penguin Parade page to try and build up business :)

Speaking of business and card selling... I had another market yesterday, my biggest one yet - Market Day at Mawson Lakes. I had a bunch of cards as well as some home decor items - mostly display items just so people could see what I do. It's hard when you do mostly custom work. I don't want to make up all these things and then not sell them, but I do want people to be able to see what I make. Tough balance!

I had some good chats with people about what I make and how to order things, and lots took my business card, so fingers crossed I get some business resulting from it all :)

Over the next few weeks I'll share some of the cards and decor items I made for the market day, including the bookends and name plate you can see in the photo below.

Thanks for stopping by, and for not giving up on my neglected lil blog!