Friday, May 30, 2014

Project Life: March 2014

 March was an incredibly boring month to be honest. On the 16th, which also happened to be our 5 and a half year anniversary, we went to The Umbilical Brothers fringe show, followed by desert at Bracegirdle's. We'd also had lunch with my family that day as my brothers were home from Sydney and Mt Gambier. So that's the whole left side haha!

I also hosted my first Nutrimetics party at the end of March which was a quick facial and make up session kind of party. Suited me nicely as I don't wear much make up - usually just tinted moisturiser and a bit of mascara on a special occasion haha! Since then, I've been wearing powder and mascara daily pretty much and some blush and eyeshadow when I go out. And even LIP STICK! You'll never get me wearing eyeliner though.

The  top pic on the right side is a filler pic of me at work doing a night duty. My typical night duties on this particular ward usually consist of some study and maybe an ep of Grey's Anatomy or something like that. But this was when I was sorting out the pics for my parents anniversary album (see previous post). And my standard night shift meal - fried rice!

I used a couple of cards from the coral kit for this month and just printed out a nice quote I found about beauty as a make shift filler card. Couple of wooden icons and wooden thickers for the March heading and it was done. 

The overlay on the dessert picture is from Ali Edwards I believe. And the one on the photo above that was just a random circle I found and I typed the 16 Mar bit myself. Just like last month, the tickets are printed copies (also resized) and the originals are behind the photo.

Teeny tiny month... And about 2 months behind in my posting haha!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Anniversary Album

In April, my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and I had long had an idea to make them an album full of photos. I purchased the BH wedding mini kit and a black mini album back when they first came out with great intentions. And then life got in the way and I started making the album the week of their anniversary, while at work, doing night shifts. I've always been a "last minute" kind of girl ;)

I started with wedding photos which took up about 60-70% of the album, and then filled the rest with pictures of their last 30 years including when they moved away from their home town for the first time, the birth of all four children and then just "filler photos" from recent years (ie. whatever I could find on my computer).

The best part of the album if you ask me is the well wishes. I contacted family and friends, whoever I had an email address or phone number for, and asked them to write a sentence or two to congratulation Mum and Dad on their anniversary, and to maybe share a memory from over the years.

Happy 30th wedding anniversary Mum and Dad - enjoy the next 30 years!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Project Life: February 2014

Well, life has been a bit busy here to say the least. I'm in my final year of midwifery and it's a fair bit time consuming, combined with my overall exhaustion (seventh year at university) and am feeling a bit "over it" I think. But then I have an amazing birth and welcome another life into the world and all those happy feelings come back. Until I have to do another assignment...

The countdown is on to the end of the year though, as far as births, follow throughs, assignments, exams etc goes. Can't beleive we're in mid May already - the time is just slipping by. I'm heading to Mt Gambier on Sunday for a fortnight for placement, then it'll be exam time late June/early July, then my surgery and a month off work. Then before I know it, it'll be September-December(ish) and I'll be on my last eight weeks of placement, deliver my last few babies and the degree will be done. As long as AHPRA are satisfied I've delivered 40 babies, been to 100 antenatals, 100 postnatals, followed 20 women through their pregnancies, experienced 40 complex situations and cared for babies with special needs. Yup, as simple as that.

Anyway, you don't come here to read about my to do list (that'd be as long as the 2,500 word assignment I'm meant to be writing), you can to see my projects. I do have some Project Life spreads to share with you but I'll start with February. I've decided to ignore January for now as that's when we were on our holiday and I want a decent amount of time I can dedicate to the holiday spreads (not doing a seperate album or anything like that for holidays).

That's the entire spread as it sits in my album. I included a couple of flip pockets and a little insert that I chopped down to fit the brochure from the market I attended. I used BH's Azure kit for February and teamed it with some cork embellishments - alpha are thickers, numbers are a Spotlight buy - Francheville I think, and the arrows are Studio Calico. I also used a couple of BH digital overlays for this spread.

 A little 3x4 flip pocket to hide my half naked, just had a baby picture of my best friend. As my journaling states, February hosted two of my most special and honoured baby delivering moments yet.

The spread with the little brochure insert flipped back.

A 6x4 flip pocket hiding a collage of photos from the Garden show we went to and a scanned copy of the tickets.

A close up of the brochure in the cut down page protector.

So that was February - not very exciting, but I don't foresee this year being any better! January will be a big month because of our holiday (which went til the 6th, then the rest of the month fit on one 12x12 page). And we've just booked a 4 night trip to Sydney in June so that might fill a couple of spreads. July is my surgery month so that'll be deadly boring... 

But it doesn't matter if you do it weekly or monthly or event based or what you do. My photos and stories are getting told :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Butterflies all around

Another quick project I made up to have on display/sell at my recent market. I have a ridiculous amount of 12" paper (8 cropper hoppers full) and am determined to get through them eventually. I need to sit down and have a bit of a cull I think and donate them to a kindy or something. Just for the sake of more space so I can buy more ;) But anyway, I'm using an older Kaisercraft collection - Hummingbird for thise project.

It's just a basic butterfly shape about 1" thick. I painted the sides a teal colour and then decorated the front and back with paper. The back is a blue to match the paint. A nice quote on the front and a couple of popped up butterflies and it's complete.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Taylor's Butterfly Book Ends

I have yet another set of book ends to share with you today. I absolutely love making these for baby gifts and 1st birthdays etc. As you will work out from the date - these ones are a bit overdue! ;)

Miss Taylor is the daughter of my old boss Vanessa and she's my best customer when it comes to the custom gifts I make. So she just kept me so busy making things for other babies, I never had a chance to sit down and make Taylor's! Before my market, I borrowed Carter's bookends and matching frame (that it seems I never blogged about) from Vanessa's friend and when I picked them up from Vanessa, she made a comment about how if I'd make Taylor's I could've just borrowed them. Little did she know, I had Taylor's all ready to use as display at my market stall and I knew she would be coming by to visit. I sent her a photo of my market stall on the morning and asked if she could find her little surprise. She was so surprised! Hehe, I'm sneaky ;)

I absolutely love using the gorgeous pinks in the Tigerlilly collection and I think teaming it with the black and white gives it more of a classical look that I hope Taylor can grow with :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Easter Tags

Well it's time to start thinking about Easter! I made these little Easter tags for my recent market. They're just a single piece of card so you just write on the back and then pop it in the envelope. I had fun making these and realised I don't play with my embossing powders nearly enough. These were really quick and easy to do once I had a bit of a production line set up going.

I started by cutting out the backing cardstock and then picking my distress ink colours to match the cardstock - I just wanted a subtle stamped background. Then I just went along all the cardstock pieces with three different background stamps.

Then once they were dry, I used clear embossing ink to stamp each piece, and put embossing glitter over the pieces immediately. Once you've put the glitter on, you don't need to heat emboss them straight away so I waited until I'd done all the bunnies before I heat embossed them.

Then I just made the little banner strips to sit on top, adhered with foam tape and added a little rhinestone.

Done :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ahoy Mate!

Another set of bookends to share with you today - I am really loving making these. This was the first boat set I had done and was a bit more intricate than the butterflies and elephants I've made before. I have left this one relatively plain with no decorations because I had it for sale at my market. I have an interested buyer and when she decides, I will add a name, date of birth etc etc and some finishing touches to complete the project. 

I always set the shape a little off centre. It leaves more room at the "front" for the name and any decorative elements I might want to add.

I've got a bit of a dilemma with this set though because I almost prefer the orange side to the yellow side!!

But it doesn't really matter what I like. I'll leave it up to the buyer :)

Thanks for stopping by!