Friday, May 23, 2014

Anniversary Album

In April, my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and I had long had an idea to make them an album full of photos. I purchased the BH wedding mini kit and a black mini album back when they first came out with great intentions. And then life got in the way and I started making the album the week of their anniversary, while at work, doing night shifts. I've always been a "last minute" kind of girl ;)

I started with wedding photos which took up about 60-70% of the album, and then filled the rest with pictures of their last 30 years including when they moved away from their home town for the first time, the birth of all four children and then just "filler photos" from recent years (ie. whatever I could find on my computer).

The best part of the album if you ask me is the well wishes. I contacted family and friends, whoever I had an email address or phone number for, and asked them to write a sentence or two to congratulation Mum and Dad on their anniversary, and to maybe share a memory from over the years.

Happy 30th wedding anniversary Mum and Dad - enjoy the next 30 years!

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Pink Ronnie said...

What a beautiful, thoughtful thing to do Alanna!
Your parents must've loved it so much.
Ronnie xo